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Shoo-Fly Cattle Gate
"The weight of the cow does the spraying," says Mrs. Hazel Bush, Newton, Ga., who came up with a self-sprayer for cattle. It's equipped with a spring-loaded floor that activates an overhead sprayer which sprays the animal passing below with pesticides or other protective chemicals.
"We use it on our small herd. There's no stress on the animals and it uses no energy. You can put it in dairy barns, in any opening gate, by feeders and waterers, or in any other area animals move through regularly," Bush told FARM SHOW.
The sprayer consists of a wooden frame slightly wider than a good-sized steer and about 6 ft. tall. A 25-gal. tank is mounted on top with a spray head extended down below it. A cable runs from the spray head down to the spring-loaded floor. When the animal steps on the floor, the cable activates the sprayer and the animal is liberally coated with spray.
Bush is interested in locating a manufacturer for the sprayer. She also sells do-it-yourself plans for $3.00.
For a set of plans, send $3.00 and a self-addressed, stamped envelope, to: FARM SHOW Followup, Mrs. Hazel Bush, Rt. 1, Box 73C, Newton, Ga. 31770 (ph 912 734-5760).

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