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Home-Built Grader
Home-Built Grader
"It works better than a front-mounted blade," says Jack Turner about a pull-type grader he and partner Donald Howell built for less than $500.
It's equipped with a 12-ft. blade that came off an old stalk shredder housing. It mounts on a frame built out of a 15-ft. Krause rod weeder and Krause one-way disc. The iron gives it 750 lbs. of heft and strength, Turner notes.
The two 15-in. rear wheels were moved back 5 ft. on the frame and the hitch was raised 12 in. with 8-in. channel iron in or-der to provide plenty of ground clearance. Two screw jacks are used to raise the rear, with the grader pivoting hydraulically on a 2-in. dia. shaft.
The blade is braced with a section of 6 in. channel iron 1 in. thick off the Krause disc. Two 3 in. hydraulic cylinders are used to change angle on the blade and one raises the rear up to 1 ft.
The grader can be transported behind a pickup and requires at least a 150 hp tractor.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jack Turner, Star Rt. Box 3, Elkhart, Kan. 67950 (ph 316 697-2084).

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