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Old Plow Coulter Assemblies Convert Planter To No Till
The high cost of converting his International 400 4-row planter to no-till prompted Chris Carlson, Bock, Minn., to look for a cheaper solution. He salvaged old International plow coulter assemblies and mounted new Deere extra-wide "fluted" coulters on them.
Carlson removed the coulter assembly units, including shank, arm, and coulter, from an old 4-bottom plow that he bought for $120. He threw away the straight coulters and replaced them with new 17-in. dia., 1 3/4-in. wide "fluted" no-till coulters designed for Deere planters. The mounting holes on the Deere coulters were too big to fit the plow coulter hubs so he welded a pair of flat washers into each hole and then filed the washers out to match the size of the hub. He made mounting brackets by welding lengths of angle iron and 2 by 3-in. steel tubing together. He clamped one end of each bracket onto a coulter shank and cut a notch in the other end to fit over the toolbar, then bolted it on. The coulters run 2 to 3 ft. ahead of the planter's disc openers.
"I wasn't getting the stands I wanted because I pick about half my corn and the picker doesn't grind up corn stalks as well as a combine. My planter couldn't cut through them. Salvaging the plow coulter assemblies was cheaper than buying new no-till coulter assemblies which can cost $150 to $200 per row. Each plow coulter assembly cost $30 and I paid $33 each for the new coulters so my total cost per row was only $63. There are lots of old plows that can be purchased for $50 to $100. I painted the new coulters and the plow coulter assemblies red to match the planter.
"My coulters have shear-bolts instead of springs like most no-till planter coulters. They work great except where the ground is very hard. I keep my speed up at 6 1/2 mph to keep the coulters cutting right."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Chris Carlson, Box 97, Bock, Minn. 56313 (ph 612 556-3458).

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