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Freeze-Proof Livestock Waterer
How about this a new-style electric live-stock waterer that keeps drinking water ice-free at 40 degrees below zero for an operating cost of only $5 per week!
"That's one-third the cost of our closest competitor," says Rosebud Creek, manufacturer of this first-of-its kind freeze-proof outdoors waterer for cattle, hogs, sheep and horses.
The key feature is a vacuum-sealed heat exchange unit charged with a special heat transfer oil. It, in conjunction with special reflective insulation, retains heat with up to 97% efficiency, the manufacturer points out.
"The waterer itself is a 24 in. dia. rubber drinking tub which sets inside a frame made from galvanized culvert material. The round design adds structural strength, minimizes injuries to livestock and reduces risk of damage to the waterer. None of its components are in water, and there is no float to freeze up, making it virtually trouble-free."
Rated at 150-head capacity, the new-style waterer sells for $525 (Canadian). The sealed oil exchanger is available in 150 or 300 watt capacity. A build-it-yourself walk-up ramp allows sheep and hogs to drink out of the tub. It's secured to the frame with two snaps which unfasten to free the tub for occasional cleaning.
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