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Air Bag Unloader For Semi Trailers
A new inflatable "air bag" unloader, which eliminates the need for sloped sides inside hopper-bottom semi trailers, lets you boost capacity to maximum allowable axle loading limits, says Univision Industries Ltd., Biggar, Saskatchewan.
The "air bag" unloader is inflated by air pressure from an independent air tank which operates off the truck's air compressor. The inflated bag forces grain to slide down into the hoppers. The "air bag" unloader is deflated while hauling to increase cargo space. Univision offers the "air bag" unloader as an option for the trailers it manufactures.
"The problem with steel slope sides is that they take up lots of room in the front and back of the trailer. As a result, there's very little weight over the fifth wheel and steering axle, says David Voth, factory representative. "In fact, with a lightweight commodity such as barley, even with a full trailer you often can't reach yourmaximum allow-able gross weight over the front axles. The conventional solution is to move the kingpin back, putting more of the trailer's weight over the fifth wheel and steering axle. But repositioning the kingpin can interfere with dolly legs and hoppers. The air bag distributes weight more evenly, and lets you get more grain in the trailer."
The bag is secured to the floor and sides of the trailer. According to Voth, the "air bag" improves the weight transfer characteristics of the trailer. "Deflating the bag completely lets you move commodity to both ends of the trailer. Or by inflating only partially, you can easily transfer grain back and forth to adjust the amount of weight as necessary."
The company currently markets the air bag unloader as an option on its new grain trailers. It plans to offer a retrofit kit for other trailer brands and models. Sells for $1,195.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Follow up, Univision Industries Ltd., P.O. Box 879, Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada S0K 0M0 (ph 306 948-3371).

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