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New Tractor Tree Saw Speeds Land Clearing
Arm weary chain saw handlers are taking a close look at a new tractor-mounted tree saw that'll cut through a 24-in. tree in 85 sec. with its big pto-powered circular blade.
Built by Strobel Industries, Clarks, Neb., the new saw is designed to be a super land clearer that can clear trees off an acre of ground without the need of a dozer or other heavy equipment. Once trees are cut and cleared, the saw doubles as a stump grinder, using carbide teeth inserts which can stand up to the wear of sub-surface operation.
The saw has both pto and hydraulic controls and can be controlled entirely from the tractor seat. Here's how it works:
The operator backs the saw up to the tree to be cut. Hydraulics lower four short stabilizing legs below the saw frame to hold the saw in place. The pto is engaged to run the blade and the hydraulics activated to move the blade automatically into the tree. A large hydraulic cylinder equipped with a grip plate is mounted on top of the saw frame to push the tree over as it's cut so it can be dropped anywhere.
The saw cuts through trees up to 24 in., cutting from just one side. It'll handle larger trees by cutting from two sides. The company is designing a "cab guard" attachment to fit on the frame of the saw.
It operates on a 540 rpm pto with a minimum 125 hp. It weighs about 2,200 lbs. and sells fdr $3,200.
For more information contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Strobel Industries, Box 255, Clarks, Neb. 68628 (ph 308 548-2254).

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