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Till-N-Plant Strip-Till Toolbar
"We built only a few of them last spring but response was excellent," says Harold Weis, Torrington, Wyo., about his "Till-N-Plant" toolbar designed to prepare row strips in fields ahead of row crop planters.
Fitted with planter-style markers, each row unit on the Till-N-Plant has a large flat coulter up front followed by a subsoil shank and a pair of wavy coulters. A rolling basket follows behind, breaking up clods and firming up the seedbed. The new tillage tool is fitted with single rib tires that match up with single rib tires on the planter tractor.
"The flat coulters up front cut through residue to prevent plugging and help the rig track straight so it's easy for the planter to follow. Other strip-till toolbars often don't track straight, making it hard for the planter to follow," notes Weis.
The second bar on the triple toolbar is fitted with 4 subsoiler shanks that mount directly behind the tractor tires to break up compaction. The third bar has subsoiler shanks that run in each row to be planted. The two wavy coulters behind each shank move soil back into the grooves created by the shanks, and also cut more trash.
"It does a tremendous job breaking up compaction and minimizes evaporation of soil moisture. It chops up residue yet leaves it on the surface. You can run it through in the fall, or several hours before planting in the spring. It eliminates the need for no-till attachments on the planter," says Weis, adding that the new rig can be outfitted for liquid fertilizer and chemical application.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harold Weis, Farmer's Equipment Co., 900 E. Valley Rd., Torrington, Wyo. 82240 (ph 307 532-4451 or 2444).

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