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Air Powered Rat Killer
"It's the world's best rat killer," says Henrik Knudsen, inventor and manufacturer of a new "no poison" rat killer that uses an air-powered cylinder to break rats' necks when they go after bait and trip an electric eye.
The 2-ft. long trap mounts about 1 1/2 ft. off the ground on a metal pedestal. A rope tied to a bait cage at one end of the trap trails down to the ground. When a rat smells the bait, he climbs the rope, pokes his head up into the cage, and breaks the beam of an electric eye, triggering a piston that shoots out and breaks his neck. The rat dies instantly and falls to the ground beneath the trap.
"It non-toxic so you can put it anywhere. Dead rats pile up under the trap so you can dispose of them unlike poisons which allow them to hide and decompose out of sight. It also lets you see how many rats it kills. Live rats aren't deterred by the dead ones. They'll climb right over them to get to the rope," says Knudsen.
A 12-volt battery and a carbon dioxide cylinder provide up to 6 months (or 1,000 rats) killing power before you replace them (for about $40). The trap costs $670. Knudsen has already had tremendous interest in the just-developed trap from both farmers and from Danish communities that are putting the trap in city sewer pipes.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Henrik Knudsen, ER-Rodent, Stationsvej 7, Odder 8300, Denmark (ph 86 55 70 76; fax 86 55 70 95).

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