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Car Warmer Upper Starts By Remote Control
"It's a trouble-free way to warm up your car, truck or tractor on cold winter mornings without starting the engine and without going outside," says Norm Hall, inventor of a car "warmer upper" that warms both the engine and the passenger compartments by heating and circulating engine coolant and activating heater and defrost controls.
Hall says other manufacturers have tried to start cars by remote control but there have always been problems with getting a reliable start of the engine. "With this unit you always know it comes on and that the car will be warm because there's nothing to go wrong," he explains.
The system consists of a heater, pump and electronic controls. The pump simply plumbs into the car's heater lines and the controls wire into the heater controls. The heater, pump and controls are powered by 110-volt power. You plug it in like a conventional hand-bolt or tank heater.
To operate, you simply press a button on a remote-controlled radio device that'll work from up to 300 ft. away. It turns on both the pump and heater controls so that coolant circulates freely through the engine and heater coil just as they would if the car were running. The engine warms up much faster than with a conventional heater and when you come out the interior of the car is warm and defrosted.
"It saves running the engine which saves gasoline and stress on the engine in cold weather starts: Takes about 1/2 hr. to thoroughly warm up a car, pickup or truck," says Hall, who's used the device himself for 3 years.
The H & S Car Warmer, as it's called, sells for $350. A timer-controlled model that comes on automatically without remote control is also available.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, H & S Production, 14851 Endicott Way, Apple Valley, Minn. 55124 (ph 612 423-1730 or 587-2005).

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