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Unload Grain Trucks By Remote Control
A first-of-its-kind radio controlled grain truck unloading system from Cancade Co., Brandon, Manitoba, lets you raise and lower your truck's hoist and hydraulic-equipped tailgate by simply pushing a button on a hand-held transmitter.
The "Smart Box" system can also be used to start and stop any auger, including drill fill augers, and to automatically roll up truck tarps.
"It makes filling bins or railroad hopper cars a one-man operation because you can raise and lower the truck box, as well as the tail gate, right from the top of your bin or hopper car or from inside your truck cab," says Ralph Redfern, company representative. "Our system eliminates the need to scramble down ladders to shut off the flow of grain and lets you avoid grain dust and dangerous augers and pto shafts. By fitting the truck tailgate with a hydraulic cylinder, it can be opened just the exact amount you need. A control console inside the cab shows you if the tailgate is up or down so you won't accidently drive away with the tailgate open. The system can be used to operate any hydraulic motor, valve, or electric switch. If you lose the remote transmitter or the battery inside it goes dead, you can still operate the system by using the control console which is powered by the truck's battery."
The hand-held transmitter sends radio signals to the control console in the cab. Either unit can be used to control operations. The console is equipped with "up" and "down" switches and LED lights that show which equipment is in use. The con-sole is wired to electric solenoids mounted in hydraulic lines.
The system is available as a two-function unit that operates a hoist and truck tailgate, or a three-function unit that operates a hoist, tailgate, and auger or tarp. Kit comes with everything needed for installation including hydraulic cylinder, hoses, and solenoid valves and fittings. A two-function unit sells for $2,924 and a three-function unit sells for $3,105.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Folfowup, Cancade Co., Box 698, 1651 12th St., Brandon, Manitoba Canada R7A 5Z2 (ph 204 728-4450).

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