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No Pump Foam Marker
"If you spray in the evening, the foam will still be visible the next morning," says Ernie Luchsinger, Rosthern, Sask., distributor of the new Peacock "no pump" foam marker that uses a 30-quart pressurized canister to dispense a first-of-its-kind corn oil based foam. The system is controlled with an electronic valve from the tractor seat and requires no pumps, dye, diesel, or mixing.
The pressurized foam canister is mounted on the sprayer hitch and a timer box is mounted in the tractor cab. You use the timer to control the length of the marks and the distance between drops. The timer opens and closes a solenoid, causing drop tubes mounted on each end of the boom to dispense foam. A manual overide switch on the timer allows you to drop foam more frequently while turning at the end of the field.
"Other soap-based foams generally last less than 30 minutes which means that by the time you stop and refill your sprayer the mark is gone. We guarantee our foam will remain visible for at least 3 hours at any temperature and at least 24 hours in 60? or above temperatures. Other foam markers require use of pumps and air compressors. The Peacock foam marker uses a propane-butane propellant to deliver the foam. One tank covers 200 to 2,000 acres, depending on size of equipment."
A 30-quart tank sells for $95 and a 100-quart tank sells for $225. Complete sprayer kits sell for $780 for the 30-quart tank and $1,120 for the 100-quart tank.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Erlee Agro Ltd., Ernie Luchsinger, Box 189, Rosthern, Sask., Canada SOK 3R0 (ph 306 232-4212) or Peacock Industries, Inc., 780 - 410 22nd St. E., Saskatoon, Sask., Canada S7K 5T6 (ph 306 653-2666).

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