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Hammer-Action Flywheel Splitter
"This splitter is like swinging a 10-ton ax," says the manufacturer of the new "Super Split", a flywheel-powered log splitter that may be the fastest splitter anywhere.
John Nicholls, Canadian distributor, explained to FARM SHOW that the new splitter gets its power from a heavy flywheel, and its quick, 2-sec. cycle time from its unusual rack and pinion gear drive.
"Compared to hydraulic, worm shaft and screw-type splitters, the Super Split is faster, safer, more powerful and more reliable. Our 3 hp. gas or 3/4 hp. electric motor models deliver the power of a 9 hp. hydraulic splitter, and have a 10 to 14 ton force during the splitting stroke."
Here's how the new splitter works:
A pair of flywheels, connected by a one-piece pinion gear shaft, is turned by a V-belt from the gasoline engine or electric motor. Because of the flywheel weight, and the high rpm's, the shaft gear has lots of power. To activate the splitter, a rack is lowered onto the shaft gear and engaged by a cam-lock method. The gear drives the rack out at a speed of 1.2 ft. per second to split the wood. The rack is spring-loaded so, at the end of its stroke, it lifts up, disengaging itself and pulling all the way back in a half second. The rack can be activated again and again by pulling on the splitter handle. This gives it its hammer action and makes it, according to Nicholls, "15 times faster than many hydraulic splitters".
"Because of the hammer action, we're even able to split logs across the grain, if necessary, something no other splitter I know of can do. However, we don't recommend that the splitter be used this way regularly as it's hard on the equipment," says Nicholls.
The Super Split handles logs up to 25 1/2 in. long, weighs 250 lbs., and comes outfitted with high-speed road tires. Retails for $1,595 (Canadian).
For a complete information packet, send $2 to: FARM SHOW Followup, Nicholls Farm Equipment Ltd., John Nicholls, Dunnville, Ontario, Canada Inh 416 774-48961.

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