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Depth Stops For Deere, Kinze Planters
You can equip your Max-Emerge or Kinze-built planter with new equalizing depth stop arms that replace the existing depth stop arm and help maintain a more consistent seed opener depth in rough fields that have lots of rocks and dirt clods.
FARM SHOW has uncovered two of these new-style arms, The "Accu Depth" from Sudenga Industries, George, Iowa, and the "Depth-A-Matic" from SI Mfg., Spencerville, Ohio.
According to Aaron Stegeman, designer of the Accu Depth, Max-Emerge and Kinze planter gauge wheels lift up when they hit obstacles, which in turn lifts the seed opener and reduces seed depth. When the wheel climbs over a clod or rock, it carries the full weight of the planter unit, preventing the other gauge wheel from firming the soil.
What differentiates these two units from the conventional depth stop arm is that they are built in two sections rather than one so they can pivot when the gauge wheels hit obstacles in the field.
This pivoting action means that the gauge wheels and seed opener lift only a fraction as high when they hit a dirt clod or rock. It also keeps equal pressure on the other gauge wheel for proper soil firming.
A spokesman for SI indicates that the Depth-A-Matic also prolongs depth control wheel life by reducing the stress on the wheel in rough conditions.
The arms install in your planter in less than 5 min. per row by simply removing the drilled pin that holds the original arm, and slipping the new-style arm into its place.
Accu Depth sells for $23.95, and Depth-A-Matic for $24.95.
For more information, contact:
FARM SHOW Followup, Sudenga Industries, Inc., Box 8, George, Iowa 51237 (ph 712 475-3301).
FARM SHOW Followup, SI Mfg., P.O. Box 68, Spencerville, Ohio 45887 (ph 419 647-4444).

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