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Field Mapping System
A first-of-its-kind field mapping system is an easy way to put together an accurate "computer" picture of your fields' soil types and weed problems, according to Agri-Logic Solution Systems, Brazil, Ind.
The system consists of software and a graphics tablet to input maps and can be used with any IBM-compatible computer. It allows you to quickly calculate total input requirements for each field and make good yield forecasts.
For accurate measurements to scale, the user specifies the known distance between two points on an aerial photo or ASCS soil map. The field boundaries, soil type lines or other information can then be traced with a "mouse" on the graphics tablet and will appear simultaneously on the computer screen. A zooming feature lets you zoom in on specific field areas as small as 1 sq. ft. The program also lets you "layer" different types of information on one map.
"Every input decision a crop farmer makes, and all expense and yield information, depends upon accurate acreage information," says Denny Bell, who came up with the new system. "It provides an accurate method to input this information into a computer, but more importantly it allows fast, precise measuring of any variable, including verification of total and partial field acreages. It allows you to quickly measure soil type acreages in a field or on a farm, and to forecast a projected yield to determine profitability. It also allows you to adjust planting populations and fertilizer applications according to the yield potential of the soil type. Weed problem areas can be measured and treated precisely rather than with a blanket application, saving costly -chemical expense. Computer mapping also lets you measure fields for government programs from the convenience of your office. Field acreages on many ASCS maps are off up to 20% due to encroachment of wooded areas and other mismeasurement factors. You can also measure these wooded areas for timber management or other uses."
According to Bell, the computer map-ping system can even tell you how many rounds you will have to make with an implement on a particular field. For example, you can input your planter's width and it'll tell you the number of rounds needed to plant a particular hybrid on a particular soil type, in straight or contoured rows.
The package sells for $595.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Agri-Logic Solution Systems, RR 15, Box 351A, Brazil, In. 47834 (ph toll-free 800 444-8214; in Ind., 800 356-8214).

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