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Lengthen Your Day With Twenty-Five Hour Clock
Could you use an extra hour a day? Here's one way to get it. Get yourself one of the new "XTRAOUR" clocks, designed by Morton Rachofsky, Dallas, Tex.
The 'catch' is that the 25th hour comes at the expense of the day's other 24 hours. Each hour of Rachofsky's 25-hr. clock has 57.6 minutes. To come up with the extra hour, he shortened every minute by 2.4 seconds (or each hour by 2.4 minutes). Thus, each day still has 1440 minutes but now they're split 25 ways instead of 24.
"The purpose of my clock is to give bodies and clocks a chance to get back in sync and to provide an answer to the complaint that there aren't enough hours in a day," Rachofsky told FARM SHOW. He feels the shorter hours will make people more efficient: They'll get more work done per hour and will end up with an extra hour at the end of the day from the 'stolen' time.
Rachofsky expects to have his patented new 25 hour clocks, and also wrist watches, in commercial production later this year.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Morton Rachofsky, 2300 Mercantile Bank Building, Dallas, Texas 75201 (ph 214 747-8188).

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