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Jumping Cowboy Keeps Birds Out
Blackbirds in his sunflower fields aggravated Pete Konzak, Devils Lake, N. Dak., so much that he built a "Jumping Cowboy" to keep the feathered "rustlers" out.
The Jumping Cowboy is a man-like appearing scarecrow attached to a scare cannon. Whenever the cannon fires, the 4 ft. tall Cowboy jumps up in the air about 2 1/2 ft. The combination of the noise, the jump, and the cowboy's steel sac jacket is so effective that Konzak guarantees the unit when it's used according to instructions.
"Even when it's not jumping, the Cowboy works to scare birds out of sunflower and grain fields," he notes. "When the wind blows, the cowboy swivels on his PVC stand and his ęsteel sac' jacket rustles in the wind to scare away the birds."
Konzak notes that it takes two Cowboys to protect 80 acres of reasonably flat terrain, and more if the land is hilly.
The Jumping Cowboys aren't for sale but you'll be able to lease them. Konzak estimates the price per month to be around $40, not including the cannon, the 12 volt battery that powers the cannon, or propane for the cannon. Also not included is the Cowboy's hat. Konzak suggests that you use an aluminum pie tin instead of a Stetson since the tin's reflection will help scare the birds.
For an extra charge, a photoelectric cell unit is available that will shut the Cowboy and cannon off at night and start it up again in the morning.
Cowboys will soon be available from CENEX, Interstate Seeds and farm service dealers. If your local dealer doesn't have the Cowboys, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Summers Mfg., Devils Lake, N. Dak.
58301 (ph 701 662-5391).

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