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Long Lasting Sweep
"Our new chisel plow sweep has a high center that adds strength and maintains its point as it wears. They last longer and pull easier than conventional sweeps," says Allen Elock, Ag-Mate Mfg., Glendon, Alberta.
Elock manufactures two types of sweeps - 4-in. wide beavertails (also sometimes called furrowers, dragsters, or reversibles) and 2-in. wide "spikesters". Both types of sweeps are 18 in. long and 5/16-in. thick.
"We weren't happy with the sweeps we were using on our chisel plow because the V-shaped point wore off too fast leaving a rounded point that rolled the soil in front of it and pulled hard," says Elock. "Our sweep is curved and built with a high center that keeps the point sharp and causes both sides of the sweep to wear evenly. The high center gives the sweep enough strength that it can be built 2 in. longer than conventional sweeps without cracking or breaking. Our sweep is also 5/16 in. thick compared to 1/4-in. for most conventional sweeps. The combination of a longer and thicker sweep results in up to 30% less wear, and the permanent point reduces drag by as much as 50%, cutting horsepower requirements. Another benefit is better penetration and soil movement because the point splits the soil and throws it to both sides. The bolt heads are protected from wear by deep counter-sunk slots set in the high center ridge."
Sells for $6.50.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ag-Mate Mfg., P.O. Box 63, Glendon, Alberta, Canada T0A 1P0 (ph 403 635-2647).

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