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Deep Placement Fertilizer Shoes
A special-design shoe that mounts on the planter unit provides a way to place liquid fertilizer down into the soil close to the seed for quick uptake.
The system helps improve yields, says Bob Niemeyer, Bowling Green, Mo., manufacturer and marketer of the shoes, in that phosphorus and potash are placed near the seed rather than broadcast on top the ground. The shoes are suited for use on corn and milo, but not soybeans.
The shoes are especially suited to no-till systems. Without tillage, P and K usually remain near the top of the ground, because they do not move readily through the soil. Neimeyer's shoes place the two nutrients about an inch to one side of the seed and about an inch below it.
The shoe isn't suited to applying nitrogen, since placement of N near the seed might cause seedling damage. A full year's application of P and K can be made, or just the starter fertilizer.
The shoes are being made specifically for Kinze and Deere Max-Emerge planters, but models for other-make planters also are available, says Niemeyer. He also can supply deep placement shoes for runner-type planters.
The shoe is priced at $39, plus freight, and one is needed per planter row. For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Niemeyer Tractor & Farm Supply, Highway 61 South, Bowling Green, Mo. 63334 (ph 314 324-2070).

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