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Truck Box Cover Made From Duel Tank
"It increases truck box capacity 50% and keeps lightweight material from blowing away," says Elwood Line, Momence, Ill., who built a box cover for his 1974 Inter-national tandem axle grain truck out of an old 20-ft. long, 8-ft. dia. round fuel tank.
Line, who was helped by Glenn 0' Cull and Joe Piekarczyk, cut the tank in half lengthwise, then cut a pair of 4 ft. wide, 8-ft. long loading doors in the top of one of the halves. He then bolted a 3 by 4-in. wood board along the bottom edge on each side. The boards rest on top of the sides of the truck box. Four turnbuckles, connected by steel cable to the boards, hold the cover in place by attaching to brackets bolted at each corner of the box.
Line needed the box cover to haul seed corn husks from a local seed corn processing plant to his farm where he uses them for bedding and cattle feed. "Husks just blow away in an open box. I had been adding sideboards to the box, but it took too long to install them. A tarp helps keep husks from blowing away, but it doesn't increase capacity. The fuel tank cover seemed like the simplest answer. It raises the box 4 ft., is made from 14-ga. steel, and weighs 1,500 tbs. I lift it with a front-end loader and load husks by driving the truck under a load-out conveyor. We dump loads with the box hoist. During husk-hauling season I remove the truck's tail-gate and install double-swinging doors."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Elwood Line Grain & Fertilizer Co., P.O. Box 127, Momence, Ill. 60954 (ph 815 472-4842 or 2771).

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