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Double Blade Field Leveler
Here's a new concept in tillage tools that's it gets for leveling and finishing fields. Under many conditions, it'll do the work of a field cultivator or other soil finishing till-age tools, according to the manufacturer.
Called the "Double Blade" field leveler, it attracted a lot of attention at the recent SIMA Show in Montreal, Quebec.
Two tractors are used to pull the "Double Blade", which is actually a boxed beam made from heavy steel. It has specially de signed bracing inside that is the key to its strength, The front and back sides are curved inward to roll soil forward. The sides can he reversed as the unit wears. (Life per face averages 5,000 acres). Two long pivoting hitch arms have three hitch points. Chains run front the 3-pt. top link on two tractors to the hitch arms. Tillage action of the unit can be made more or less aggressive de-pending on which of the three hales in the hitch arm is used.
"My father worked on the design for more than 20 years. We brought the First unit to market It= January and rhwhts . been tremendous" says Jocelyn Brouillard of Ferme de la Verdure Inc. "It breaks up heavy soils like no other tillage tool on the market, leaving a flat, perfect seedbed for planting."
Models are available ranging in size from 28 to 60 ft. wide. Blade size ranges front 16 by 20 in. to 20 by 26 in. Machines weigh from 3,600 to more than 7,300 lbs. Two 80 hp tractors are needed to pull a 28-fh "Double Blade," while two 400 hp tractors are needed to pull the 60-ft. model.
Two experienced tractor drivers can quickly learn the lead-follow driving technique needed to pull and turn with the unit, says Brouillard. noting that it'll cover 5 to _ 12 acres per hour
Starts at $5,000 (Canadian),
Contact: FARM SHOW Fol lowup, Ferme de la Verdure Inc., 138, 4 rang sod, Saints Marcel, Quebec, Canada JOH ITO (fax inquiries to 514 794-2548).

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