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Equipment Mover
One person working alone can move, hitch or park all kinds of big equipment with the greatest of ease, thanks to the new "Maco Mule" traction wheel.
Developed in Australia, it's equipped with a lever-operated ratchet drive which provides the power to move campers, trailers, augers, machinery and other heavy loads.
"By moving the ratchet arm up and down, a person can obtain tremendous mechanical advantage to move the traction wheel along," explains Steve Koehn, U.S. importer of the Maco Mule. "We've sold them to persons confined to wheeelchairs who, because of this exclusive ratchet drive, are able to park, hitch and unhitch campers or other trailers without assistance. The device is also popular with farmers for inching big equipment tight against walls and into corners for maximum use of machinery storage space."
Koehn notes that when the ratchet lever is at either the top or bottom of its stroke, a brake is automatically applied to the wheels so the Maco Mule can't roll back on the operator when going up inclines. Should the operator slip and fall, losing his grip on the ratchet handle, it will simply drop to its lowest position, automatically applying the brake, explains Koehn.
Maco Mule is available in a single wheel ($249) or a dual wheel model ($289). The latter is equipped with ratchet drive on both wheels to provide twice as much traction. "Both models are conservatively rated at 2,280 lbs. but we've tested them at loads up to 10,000 lbs. with no problems," says Koehn.
He adds that optional brackets are available ($9.95 each) for mounting the Maco Mule right on the tongue of campers, trailers and other equipment.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup; Quickstand Maco Mule Co.; Steve Koehn, U.S. Importer; 906 Camelot Ct.; Ft. Collins, Col. 80525 (ph 303 226-2880).

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