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Common Sense Fence
"Farmers and ranchers tell us it's the quickest and easiest fence they've ever installed. The average operator saves 50% in time and labor over other systems. For example, one man can install our 6,000 lb. test corner assembly in less than an hour," says Scott Williams, of AFC Inc., manufacturer of the new fiberglass "Common Sense Fence" system that combines a variety of new materials and designs.

The key to the new system is its fiberglass O-shaped posts that never rot or rust and need no insulators. Wire is held on posts by metal spring clips that can be positioned at any interval, letting the wire run freely through the clip. Stress on the wire is thus equalized over the entire line, reducing the possibility of breakage and sagging. Long lengths of wire can be tensioned through permanently installed in-line ratchet tensioners. According to the company, the fence easily holds voltage levels between 5000 and 6000 volts and will easily last much longer than either barbed or woven wire fence.

Williams notes that the company has offered fiberglass fenceposts for several years but this is the first fence system to offer fiberglass corner posts. "Our corner uses just one post with a diagonal on either side in place of an "H" brace. It takes just half the time to put up because it requires just three holes and uses easy-to-assemble brackets."

Fiberglass fence is generally easier to work with because posts are so lightweight you can put 20 to 30 on your shoulder and no insulators needed.

The standard AFC fence is strung on 1-in. fiberglass corner and brace posts with -in. dia. line posts and is built up to 5-ft. high with three strands of 16-ga. wire. A heavy-duty version of the same fence uses 2-in. dia. corner and brace posts and 1-in. dia. line posts and may be built up to6-in. high with 10 strands of 12-ga. wire.

"The cost of the fence is very competitive with conventional fencing and when you consider the advantages, it's actually much cheaper," says Williams noting that the fence is virtually maintenance free. "The high tensile wire will last 35 to 50 years and a one mile length will stretch up to 20-ft. and spring back with no damage. We use an Australian-built solid state control with very low impedence in sizes that'll charge from 10 to 50 miles of wire."

For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, AFC, Inc., Hwy 52 So., Chatfield, Minn. 55923 (ph toll-free 800 533-1680 or, in Minn., 800 643-9748).

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