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Flexible Extension Shafts For Your Drill
"Our flexible extension shafts and special drill bits allow you to use an electric drill to install wires inside existing walls anywhere in your house. They save a lot of time when installing phone jacks and electrical switches and outlets in new or old two-story homes," says Russ Bowers, company representative for Udar Corp., Mason City, Iowa.
The shafts, available in 5 ft., 3 ft., and 15-in. lengths, are made of high grade, bend-able stainless steel. The 5 ft. section can be bent 180? and the 3 ft. section 90?. The 15-in. shaft is for straight cutting or to give you extra length in case you need it. The shafts can be joined together in any combination by slipping one extension to the other and locking the set screws.
The shafts are designed with hexagon heads and tail pieces. The hexagon heads allow you to join the shafts together. The hexagon tail pieces fit into the drill's chuck to keep the drill bit from slipping due to the extra torque. The tail pieces lock the shaft onto the drill bit to keep it from falling off inside a wall.
"For normal house wiring, the shafts don't need to be joined together," says Bowers. "However, joining three 5-ft. shafts comes in handy where two walls join both floors or alongside a chimney, you often have to pull new wires up to the attic. We recommend using a variable speed, reversible drill. Once the drill bit starts feeding, you can use full power.
The 5-ft. section sells for $40, 3-ft. sec-, tion for $34.95, and 15-in. section for $19.95. Three sizes of drill bits are available ranging in price from $5 to $8.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Udar Corp., 1144 Maple Dr., Mason City, Iowa 50401 (ph 515 424-4744).

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