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Rock Knocker Planter Attachment
If you've ever had problems with rocks wedging between the depth gauge wheels and transport wheels on your Deere or Kinze planter, you'll like this new "rock knocker" attachment invented by Norman Eastvold, Spring Valley, Minn.
It consists of a 14-in. long, 1-in. dia. curved steel shaft welded to a steel plate that bolts onto the planter frame using existing holes. The shaft is curved up over the depth gauge wheel and also outward to keep rocks from lodging in the pocket.
"It's a simple idea that can save a lot of trouble in the field," says Eastvold. "I built the first units four years ago for my Max Emerge 7200 6-row planter. They worked so well I built 50 more for area farmers. The problem is that rocks as big or bigger than a softball can lodge in the pocket between the depth gauge wheels and transport wheels. When that happens the depth gauge wheels stop turning and dig into the ground, dragging seed out of the furrow. Also, the valve stems on the transport wheels can break. You need one shaft on each side of the transport wheel. An 8-row planter with six transport wheels needs three pairs of shafts while a 16-row planter with eight transport wheels needs four pairs of shafts."
The shafts fit Deere 7000 series and newer planters, as well as all Kinze planters. They sell for $25 per pair.
Eastvold is looking for distributors.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Norman J. Eastvold, 304 N. Washington, Spring Valley, Minn. 55975 (ph 507 346-7570).

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