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World's Largest Windchime
When Carl Ellberg converted the farmer's grain elevator in Princeton, Ill., into a mini shopping mall in 1983, he needed something to attract attention to it. He gets lots of attention now when the wind blows and sets off "the world's largest windchime".
He got the idea for the huge free-swinging noisemaker from his wife, who has a store in the mini mall called the "Windchimer" where she sells home-size windchimes. There are nine other stores in the mall and a 2-story penthouse on top of the elevator where Ellberg lives.
The giant 6,300-lb. windchime hangs from a steel beam anchored to the side of the elevator. It consists of elevator cogs, steel wheels, railroad ties, a 20-ft. piece of 4-in. dia. copper, and other chunks of metal. It's suspended by a huge chain and anchored at the bottom so it can't swing out of control.

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1986 - Volume #10, Issue #6