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A.G.G.I.E. Farming Game
When you play A.G.G.I.E., a new farm game invented by Chuck and Joanne Kuster, of Indianola, Iowa, you might find yourself forgetting about your real life farm problems. A.G.G.I.E. "The Agricultural Game of Gambling, Ingenuity and Enjoyment" lets you take risks and try new farming operations without risking your bank account.
"If you're smart and lucky, you may be able to wheel and deal yourself a farming empire," says Chuck. "On the other hand, your crop could be hailed out or invaded by insects. Or your livestock might become diseased. Worse yet, you may have to sell out to pay your bills. It's just as unpredictable, and unprofitable, as farming can sometimes be.
"To play the game, competingfarmers roll dice to move through the four seasons of the year. Farmers buy and sell land, livestock and grain to build their net worth as they stave off real farming hazards, bid against neighbors and play the futures market. Disaster and option cards add extra elements of strategy and suspense."
A.G.G.I.E. has auction barns and futures markets, drouths and grain embargoes, feed bills and lawsuits. But there's also insurance against the typical farm disasters.
A.G.G.I.E. sells for $12, including postage and handling.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kuster, Ltd., 704 W. Iowa, Indianola, Iowa 50125 (ph 515 961-4910). -

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