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Colostrum Replacer For Beef, Dairy Calves
"It's the first and only product of its kind on the market," says Ben Fellows, president of Protein Technology Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., a privately held company formed to develop and market a new colostrum replacer that, according to Fellows, can be used to supplement regular colostrum, or to replace it, for beef and dairy calves.
ColostrxTM , billed as "the first licensed colostrum substitute to provide a uniform supply of essential immunoglobulins in every dose," was reportedly in the final clearance stage for USDA licensing as this issue of FARM SHOW went to press. "It's already on the market in California and we expect it to be available nationwide very soon," Fellows told FARM SHOW.
The powdered product, developed from cheese whey, will be marketed twelve 16 oz. packets to a carton at a suggested retail cost of $6 per individual-dose packet. To use the product, you simply empty a packet into a pail, add 1 qts. of lukewarm milk or water, stir and feed to the calf. "Calves should receive the product within 10 hrs. after birth, and immediately at birth if practical," says Fellows.
He feels the new product can replace many time-consuming chores connected with using regular colostrum, such as collecting and freezing it for future use. "We think there are many situations such as this where Colostrx can effectively serve as a complete substitute for regular fresh or frozen colostrum."
Protein Technology is developing Colostrx-related products for newborn pigs, lambs, goats, horses and other animals, according to Fellows.
For more details, including availability of the new product in your area, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Protein Technology Inc., Suite 1350, 701 Fourth Avenue So., Minneapolis, Minn. 55415 (ph toll free 800 654-3839; in Minnesota, call 612 339-6936).

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