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Slick Way To Unload Grain Bins
"It's faster, handier, and a lot less expensive than grain vacuums or hopper bottoms," says Circle King of its slick new way to unload round steel bins.
The only permanent part of the system is a 7 in. dia. unload tube which stays in the bin. Everything else including a light-weight powerhead with flighting, and a bin sweep assembly - moves from bin to bin to minimize cost.
Retail cost to equip the first bin is right at $2,700 (Canadian dollars). Because you need only one powerhead and bin sweep regardless of how many bins you have, the cost for each additional bin is only about $370.
The hydraulically-operated powerhead weighs about 60 lbs. and is easily hand-carried from bin to bin by one person. It accommodates two valves one to control speed of the powerhead auger and one to control speed of the bin sweep auger. Hydraulic power (a minimum of 10 gal. per min at 1200 psi) can be supplied by truck, tractor or an electric-over hydraulic pump.
The permanently-installed 7 in. unload tube is installed on the floor of the bin, rising to 12 in. above the floor at the bin wall. This slight incline allows the tube to be high enough outside of the bin to accommodate a rubber flex hopper attached to your portable grain auger.
Because of its low incline, the 7 in. dia. tube can move cereal grains at the rate of 45 bu. per min., enough to keep up with an 8 in. truck-loading auger.
After all run-off is taken out of the bin, the portable bin sweep auger is then hand-carried through the bin door and inserted on a pivot point in the center of the bin. The sweep begins on the right hand side of the unload tube and moves grain into the unload tube without assistance as it self-propels itself around the bin, staying on the floor at all times.
The bin sweep has "graduated" flighting, starting with 5-3/8 dia. at the bin wall and graduating to 7 in. dia. at the center of the bin. This allows the sweep to operate efficiently at slow rpm, and virtually eliminates dust problems, the manufacturer points out. Acontrol valve on the powerhead allows the operator to independently regulate speed of the bin sweep and the unload auger.
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