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Non-Rotating Hubcap
Here's a sure-fire way to make your car or pickup the "talk of the town" equip it with a set of non-rotating hubcaps.
"It's an amazing attention getter," says inventor-manufacturer Jack Harlen, Huntsville, Ala. "People can't believe what they're seeing a hubcap that remains stationary as the wheel turns and the vehicle moves."
Harlen has applied for a patent on the mechanism he developed to create his non-rotating hubcap. The basic design involves an axle housing with two ball bearings, and a floating axle with threads on one end. To install, you remove the wheel and slip in the axle housing assembly. It's universal and one size adapts to all car and truck makes and models, and all lug bolt configurations.
"To help prevent theft, we've developed a special tool and proprietary removal sequence," explains Harlen. "Without this tool and knowing how to use it, the hubcaps are difficult to steal without damaging them. They're made of plastic and don't interfere in any way with the wheel or tire's balance and operation.
"If mud or snow sticks between the wheel and the hubcap, the hubcap will start to spin. It will keep spinning until the debris eventually sloughs off," notes Harlen.
Once installed on your car or pickup, you can apply an applique, paint or letter a new design on the plastic master disc as often as you please. Or, you can create a "hubcap of the week" display by drawing or lettering designs on disposable discs , then fastening them with velcro to the master disc.
Harlen is `tooling up" to get his new-style hubcaps into mass production. He expects to have them on the market before Christmas at a retail cost of "about $150 for a set of four non-rotating car or pickup hubcaps. We'll even special order a set of our new hubcaps for your tractor," says Harlen.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, ProSport, Jack Harlen, President, 2006 Wooddale Drive, Huntsville, Ala. 35801 (ph 205 534-6295).

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