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This Bin In A Barn Stores Grain Cheap
Facing a big wheat crop and needing temporary storage, Canadian farmer Werner Ehr, of Lang, Sask., discovered a low-cost way to store grain.
By purchasing steel 3 by 8 ft. side panel rings cheap from a Manitoba bin manufacturer going out of business, he was able to build a "roofless" 5,000 bu. bin inside his existing barn for only $2,000. He figures the same size bin, complete with roof and cement floor, would have cost "at least $7,000 ."
"Normally, I sell all the wheat I grow so I don't need more bins, but we had a big crop two years ago and I didn't want to spend money for bins I'd probably never use again. This is a cheap way to have lots of good temporary storage when you need it," says Ehr.
Measuring 12 ft. high and 24 ft. in dia., the bin is 4 panels high and 8 around. All of the panels are bolted together. "It takes 3 hrs. to set up and 1.5 hrs. to take apart," says Ehr. It's simple to dismantle. You simply remove all of the bolts, take the sheets apart and set them aside. They hardly take any room to store."
A drag auger is used to unload grain through a hole cut 2.5 ft. above the barn floor. Photo shows a side panel removed to make it easier to get inside to clean out the bin.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Werner Ehr, Box 159, Lang, Sask., Canada S0G 2W0 (ph 306 464-2152).

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