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Feed Grinder Converted Into Liquid Manure Pump
Don Kumm, Osmond, Neb., pumps out his hog manure pit with a pump he made from an old feed grinder.
He runs the tractor at 1,000 rpm, or about 270 rpm on the power take-off. "At this speed, the rig will pump out 1,000 gal. of liquid manure in just under 3 min., or about 350 gal. per minute," says Kumm. "The pump is capable of more, but the plastic pipe can't withstand the pressure."
The parts used for the pump are a cast iron blower from a John Deere hammermill; 6 ft. of 6-in. steel pipe with -in. walls;a 45? angle 4-in. steel pipe elbow; 15 ft. of 4-in. plastic sewer pipe with a 90? angle on the end; a 90? gear box from an old combine; a PTO shaft; and some pipe and angle iron.
Most of this was bought from an iron salvage yard. Total cost was around $150. "The pump is a piece of equipment that could be made in most farm shops," says Kumm. "We leave the pump in the pit all the time. It doesn't seem to get damaged by rust."
Contact: Don Kumm, Rt. 2, Osmond, Neb. 58765.

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