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Easy To Use Home Water Distiller
If you've been looking for a home water purification system, you'll like this new easy-to-use home distiller that requires no plumbing or other installation. It works like a coffee pot. You fill it with water and it fills a 1 gal. jug with pure water in about 6 hrs.
Most home water distillers plumb directly into water lines and sell for $200 to $300 or more. The new Ecowater "Tap-works" distiller simply plugs into any 120-volt outlet and retails for just $99.
"It removes 99 percent of most tapwater contaminants including bacteria, fluoride, lead, nitrates, sodium, copper, and virtually all chemicals. Lets you make your own pure water at home - no need to haul water jugs home from the store. In many cases, water you distill is purer than water you buy because there are no clear standards of purity for mineral or spring water purchased in stores," says company spokesman Floyd Smith.
The Tapworks distiller stands about 15 in. tall and is about 7 in. in dia. You simply fill it with 1 gal. of tap water and plug it in. Water is heated up to 212?, which kills all bacteria, viruses and other living organ-isms. As the boiling water converts to steam, it leaves behind chemicals, salts and other contaminimants. The water is then condensed back into a liquid in a cooling coil and passes through a small carbon filter as it flows into a collector-storage bottle.
The unit has a 570-watt heating element and a small 15-watt fan in the top. Costs about 30 cents to make a gallon of water, depending on local electricity costs. You should clean out the minerals left behind after every few gallons and the carbon filter ($2.50) must be replaced every couple months. "You can fill it up at night and by morning you have a gallon of water for the next day. You can use it for drinking water, coffee, soups, sauces, baby formulas, etc.," says Smith.
Sells for $99.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ecowater Systems, P.O. Box 64420, St. Paul, Minn. 55164 (ph 800 869-2837 or 612 739-5330).

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