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Build Your Own Header Trailer
A Canadian farmer who built his own combine header trailer says it wasn't that hard to do and, he adds, special features built into his heaver mover make handling his two straight-cut 24-ft. wide heads much easier.
"We use it for transport and it also makes it possible to store headers inside. Without the trailer, headers would have to be stored outside since they're too wide to fit through the doors of our quonset building," Wesley Healey, Richlea, Sask., told FARM SHOW.
He made the header trailer from the stripped down frame of an old 1 1/2-ton truck. An adjustable height hitch was built onto the front of the trailer, and header supports mount along both sides. All sup-ports raise and lower by means of telescoping square tubing with adjustment holes spaced on 1-in. intervals. Lock pins hold the supports in place.
The original 20-in. tires were too high to pass under the table of the combine when raised up so the entire axle assembly was replaced. An old grain auger axle, with 15 in. tires, was used instead. "We removed some of the leaf springs to lower the carrier even more and to give it a smoother ride while using it on the road. Overload springs were left unattached so that when traveling empty it won't bounce so much and, when loaded, won't bottom out," explains Healey.
The mover is used for New Holland 971 and 970 straight-cut headers. Because of the adjustable height of the supports on the heaver mover, headers can be placed on the trailer from either side. "This lets us put one header on one side of the quonset and one on the other side. When we bring the first one inside, we use a front-end loader to lift it off for storage. The second header is then brought inside to store on the other side of the building. Mother advantage of the trailer is that it lets you bring headers inside for repairs during cold or rainy weather," says Healey.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wesley Healey, Byrnes Farms, Box 26, Richlea, Sask. Canada (ph 306 962-4332).

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