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Swivel Drill Hitch Changes Depth Of Disc Openers On-The-Go
"Our new add-on hitch for double disc endwheel drills lets you automatically change disc opener depth on-the-go. It saves a lot of time and makes it much easier to get a good stand," says Tom Laubach, Canton, Okla.
The hitch bolts onto the tongue in place of the original drill hitch and uses a 2 by 8-in. hydraulic cylinder to raise the tongue up or down. A heavy wall pipe on the hitch serves as a bearing.
"It lets you adjust seed depth for different soil conditions by changing the geometrics between the press wheels and disc openers," says Laubach. "Extending the cylinder raises the tongue which puts more pressure on the press wheels, causing the disc openers to lift up out of the ground. Retracting the cylinder lowers the tongue which takes pressure off the press wheels and forces the disc openers down. It's a lot easier to use than having to manually adjust the depth of each press wheel.
"Works great on new endwheel drills equipped with positive depth control press wheels. In a normal year these drills do a decent job. However, if you always keep the press wheels at one depth the disc openers don't always plant in moist soil which can lead to poor stands. Last fall a lot of farmers didn't get their seed planted in moist soil which led to poor stands."
Fits Deere, Case-IH, and Great Plains endwheel drills. Sells for $250, not including cylinder.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tom Laubach, Box 8A, Canton, Okla. 73724 (405 886-2259).

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