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20-Ft Tall Bale Man
This 20-ft. tall giant "bale man" built by Dennis and Richard Kuschak and their families attracted a steady stream of sight-seers last winter taking photos and getting out to take a closer look.
"We just did it to have fun," says Dennis. "We live close to a highway so it can be seen from at least a half mile away. It rests against a large stack of square bales which helps stabilize it. One day high winds knocked the head off, but we were able to put it right back on."
The Kuschaks used two 5 by 6-ft. bales for the stomach and head, eight 2 1/2-ft. dia. bales for the arms and legs (two bales for each arm and leg), and three small rectangular bales for the hat. Each pair of bale arms is held in place by a 10-ft. long, 1-in. dia. steel rod that extends about 3 ft. into the center bales. A 16-ft. long wooden plank across the top of the. center bales provides additional support (ropes are wrapped around the plank and bales). They used lengths of rebar to tie the "hat" bales together, pushing rods vertically through the bales and into the head. They painted on the eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as buttons.
They made the 2 1/2-ft. dia. round bales in a regular round baler by tieing the small bales manually.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dennis Kuschak, Box 346, Ituna, Sask., Canada SOA 1NO (ph 306 795-2922).

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