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Spot Sand Blaster
Here's a mini sand blaster that's great for large or small body repair jobs or for cleaning off rusted-over nut or bolt heads.
The blaster consists of a gun handle that's fitted with a 1-quart sand canister and a special rubber tip that's designed to reclaim most of the sand used for blasting. Blaster hooks up to a conventional air hose, using normal tire-inflation pressure. To use, you hold the rubber blasting tip up tight against whatever's being cleaned and it'll strip clean an area a little bigger than a quarter. Sand is trapped within the rubber tip. When air pressure is turned off, it drops into a cloth bag for reuse.
Sells for $110. Uses normal sand-blasting sand.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pressure Washer Shop, Ltd., Rt. 1, Elmira, Ontario Canada N3B 2Z1 (ph 519 669-2150).

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1991 - Volume #15, Issue #3