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Thermo-Paint Cuts Heating, Cooling Costs
You can cut cooling and heating costs of older homes by painting one coat of "Thermo-Paint" on the walls and ceilings according to the manufacturer, The Enterprise Company, Wheeling, Ill.
The interior latex flat enamel paint includes a special resin-type ingredient from Dow Chemical called Thermo-Shield. The paint acts as a vapor barrier, keeping moisture from escaping through the walls and dampening the insulation, thus lowering the insulation's R-value.
Bill Benning, regional sales manager for the company, explains that the vapor barrier created by the paint has the same effect as vapor barriers made of foil backed gypsum board, or plastic film, that are commonly built into new homes.
The paint also helps lower cooling costs by keeping humid air out of the house and can be used on homes with urea formaldehyde insulation to help prevent dangerous fumes from entering.
While Thermo-Paint isn't an exterior paint, it does help save the paint on the outside of your house, Benning explains, noting that most exterior paint peeling problems are caused by the movement of moisture out through the walls.
Benning reports that Thermo-Paint has yet to be applied to agricultural buildings but that it could probably be used in calf or hog raising facilities where wet insulation often causes temperature and humidity problems.
Thermo-Paint when applied is about the same thickness as other house paints. One gallon covers about 400 sq. ft. It's available in three standard colors white, off white and warm white. Other colors can be mixed. You can also paint on a layer of Thermo-Paint and then paint or wallpaper over it. It's washable and is warranted for 8 years to provide an effective moisture barrier.
Available at retail stores, Thermo-Paint sells for $18.99 a gallon.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Enterprise Companies, Elastic Roof Coating Division, 1191 S. Wheeling Rd., Wheeling, Ill. 60090 (ph 312 541-9000).

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