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Tip tank cattle waterer
"We think it's the ultimate in cattle waterers," says Lynn Sherer, Pleasant Lake, Indä manufacturer of the new easy to clean "Tip Tank".
The waterer's hinged tank is equipped with a handle for fast, easy cleaning. "The tank is easy to tip - wives or teenagers can do it," Sherer points out.
The all-weather waterer is virtually energy free. "It stays freeze proof in cold weather to minus 30 or 35 below, yet uses no electricity or other fuel, no insulation, and no plastic balls, lids or trap doors. An automatic control valve connected to the incoming water supply circulates fresh water into the tank to prevent freezing," explains Sherer. "Cattle like it because it's easy to drink out of. There are no balls to push or lids to lift."
The Tip Tank is energy free except for the cost of electricity to pump the small stream of water that keeps the tank from freezing. "It uses less electricity in a month than most conventional electric water heaters use in a day," says Sherer. He notes that drain tile is generally used to take care of overflow from the freeze-control water supply.
The Tip Tank is available in a 4 ft. (63 gal.) model for $649, and a 6 ft. (95 gal.) model for $699. Overall dimensions (L-WH) are 57-26-36 in. for the small model, and 81-26-36 in. for the large model.
The float valve on both models delivers 600 gals. per hour at 50 lbs. psi. The small model accommodates 30 to 40 animals and the large model 60 to 80 animals.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Advanced Industries, Rt. 1 Box 414, Pleasant Lake, Ind. 46779 (ph 219 475-5891).

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