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Strange Tradition Yields Shredded Hat Collection
Every spring, Don Brusegaard, Gilby, N. Dak., puts on a new farm hat and wears it throughout the growing season. At the end of each harvest, he runs the hat through his combine, then adds the remains to his "shredded hat" collection on one wall of his shop. Below each hat, he writes the date that he finished combining.
"I started the tradition in the late 1960's," says Brusegaard. "I did it because I looked forward so much to getting done with harvest. The date sometimes goes into the spring of the year - the latest was when I finished harvesting sunflowers on May 1, 1992.
"A friend once told me `You can tell someone in the city that you finished cornbining and they just give you a polite 'OK'. They don't understand. You don't under-stand unless you've been through it.'
"In 1988 my son Torn started his own `row' of shredded hats and my daughter Margo and wife Bev have also put some up.
"Some hats go right through the combine unscathed, depending on how they hit the cylinder. However, most end up in two or three pieces. The straw chopper usually does most of the damage."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Don Brusegaard, Box 217, Gilby, N. Dak. 58235 (ph 701869-2843).

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