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Sure Flame Outside Furnace
"Your existing furnace plenum and fan system move heated air from our furnace through existing ductwork," says Bob Whittlesey, production manager for Sure-Flame Mfg., Trenton, Kty. about the new Sure-Flame outside wood or coal burner.
Whittlesey says the new Sure-Flame is being used to heat new homes, as retrofits on older homes and for heating livestock and poultry barns. Work has also begun on adapting the Sure-Flame for grain drying.
"By putting the furnace outside, dirt, ashes, smoke and dust are kept outside, too. Because the chimney is also outside the house, there's no danger to the house from chimney fires. Insurance companies look favorably toward these furnaces because of the reduced fire hazard, although they should be placed at least 30 in. from a combustible outside wall and away from overhanging eaves," Whittlesey told FARM SHOW.
The Sure-Flame model 1000 is designed to put out 114,000 btu's at 700 cfm. The model 2000 is a 4-speed model that puts out 700 to 1,000 cfm, and 114,000 to 165,000 btu's. Both models are completely thermostatically controlled.
Whittlesey says the Sure-Flame burns for 12 hours on a load of wood or coal and needs just one weekly cleaning.
The furnaces have 6 in. insulation between the firebox and the outer wall. "Last winter, our prototypes were covered with snow that wouldn't melt because the stove was insulated so well," notes Whittlesey. The firebox is built from 3/16 in. plate steel lined with firebrick.
The Sure-Flame stands 48 in. high, 5 ft. long and 38 in. wide. The 6-in. dia. chimney is glass-lined to prevent rusting and creosote damage.
Price for the Model 1000 is $1,595. The Model 2000 sells for $1,745.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sure-Flame, Inc., Box 107, Trenton, Kty. 42286 (ph 502 466-5555).

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