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Painless Way To Trap Animals
Want to get rid of elusive squirrels, raccoons or other animals around your buildings without having to use steel-jawed conventional traps?
If so, you'll be interested in the Havahart cage trap, marketed by Voodstream Corporation, Lititz, Penn. It's made of galvanized steel wire and comes in a variety of sizes to catch animals live without injuring them or causing pain. Trapped animals can then be either moved to a remote area or game refuge and released, or killed quickly and humanely.
"It's a humane way of removing and relocating an animal to allow it its rightful place in nature's scheme," says Rolf Hildinger, trap specialist with the company.
Cage traps are not a new idea, but the Havahart trap has some different features that make it especially effective, says Hildinger. It comes in sizes small enough to trap a mouse or sparrow, or big enough to trap a dog. All models are equipped with doors on both ends that are propped open when the trap is set and which fall children, pets or livestock as there are no steel jaws to set off accidentally.
The cage traps generally are set with bait to lure the animal. tiVhen it enters, the doors slam shut. The animal can be carried in the trap to be released in another area. Or, it can be killed while still in the trap. To dispose of a skunk, for example, you simply cover the cage with a cloth and move it quietly to a location
shut when the trap is entered from either end. An animal will enter a trap when it can see through it without any obstructions, explains Hildinger.
The open ends also make it ideal to set along a fence, or on a trail where animals run. In their natural travel, they will run right into the trap.
Havahart traps are safe to set anywhere without posing a threat to where the skunk can be released or shot. Skunk scent on a cage seems to make it even more attractive for catching other animals, says Hildinger.
Havahart traps come in seven sizes ranging from 10 by 3 by 3 in. for mice, to 70 by 30 by 30 in. for dogs and coyotes. Also included in the line are 24 by 16 by 8 in. sparrow and pigeon traps that hold 10 or 12 birds and reset themselves automatically each time after a bird is caught.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Woodstream Corporation, Lititz, Penn. 17543 (nh 717 626-21251.

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