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Get Low-Growing Weeds
Gerrit Kroese, Inwood, Iowa, thinks wick-type weed bars do a good job getting tall-growing weeds above the crop but asks, "What about the cockleburs or late volunteer corn that are missed, below the level of the crop?"
To solve the problem and make his last pass through bean fields as effective as possible, Kroese built a frame of salvaged angle iron and mounted a pair of comfortable car seats on either side of the tractor just behind his wick-type weeder. Mrs. Kroeze and a daughter, Nancy, use plastic squeeze bottles to squirt a few drops of Roundup on those few plants left below as they ride by. "We like the drops from the squeeze bottles better than a spray gun because there's less chance for drift," says Kroeze. The set-up cost $15, plus shop time.

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1981 - Volume #5, Issue #6