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Haylage Chopper Equipped With Leaf-Saving Sprinkler
You've seen clouds of dust billowing out from haylage choppers. With that dust go leaves - and lost feed value. But you won't see those clouds at Reuben Prail's farm near Janesville, Minn.
Prail rigged his New Holland 900 chop-per to spray water on the haylage as it enters the chopper pickup. "This saves an unbeliveable- amount of leaves and boosts protein content about 3%," says Prail.
Four raindrop-type nozzles spaced about 15 in. apart are mounted on a bar welded to the chopper pickup. A hose runs to the pump and water tanks. Prail made the setup from leftover sprayer parts.
"We average about 20 gal. per acre, but it depends on how dry the hay is," Prail says. (From Dairy Today)

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1988 - Volume #12, Issue #5