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Instant PTO Power From Your Car Or Pickup
With the new "Power Pumper" you can use your car or pickup to run augers, water pumps, compressors and other equipment that's pto or shaft driven.
"I originally designed it so I could water livestock wintered on fields equipped with engine-driven irrigation pumps. It's faster than hauling water and eliminates starting up and running the irrigation engine for just a few minutes to water livestock," says Kansas farmer, Wade Berlier, of Lakin, who invented the Power Pumper.
To use it, you back your pickup or car up the ramp until the rear wheels are sitting on the rollers. Next, put the safety chains around the vehicle's rear axle so it doesn't "ride-off" the rollers. When you put the vehicle in gear, the rear wheels turn the rollers which, in turn, power a shaft hooked into a differential. A driveshaft coming out of the differential hooks up to and powers the irrigation pump, generator, auger or other equipment.
Berlier notes that to power an auger, or other conventional pto equipment, you'd need to bolt a pto spline onto the Power Pumper's driveshaft.
"I've used a prototype of this model for many years," says Berlier. He notes that using the Power Pumper with an engine-driven irrigation pump requires disconnecting the engine driveline and rotating the gear head from the engine toward the Power Pumper. You then let the Power Pumper off its wheels, connect the driveshaft, and back the vehicle on. Pumping capacity depends on well depth but generally you can pump 300-400 gal. per min. from a 200-ft. well, running the vehicle at 30 to 40 mph. At this rate, you only need to run the pump for a couple of minutes to fill a water tank, says Berlier.
Power Pumper rollers, which the drive vehicle's wheels ride on, are 80-in. apart from outside edge to outside edge, and 40 in. apart on the inside edges, allowing even small cars or pickups to power the unit. The large front rollers are 16-in. dia and the back rollers are 6-in.
Equipped to power an irrigation pump, the Power Pumper uses a 6-ft. long driveshaft. Berlier notes that you can also mount a generator or small pump on brackets to the back of the unit and carry it along with the Power Pumper during transport.
For transport, you set the rig up on its two wheels, then hitch up to the tongue and you're ready to go.
Power Pumper sells for $1,750. The transport kit sells for $300, and the universal mount for mounting generators or pumps right to the unit sells for $150.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Power Pumper, Wade Berlier, Box 521, Lakin, Kan. 67860 (ph 316 355-7887).

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