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Add-On Furrow Closers Made From Disc Openers
"They cost less than $5 apiece to make and work as well as anything on the market," says Roger Moody, Clinton, Ill., who used the hubs off old disc-type furrow openers to make his own add-on furrow closers. They're mounted between the gauge wheels and press wheels on his International 4008-row planter.
Moody bought the planter two years ago equipped with Yetter disc openers and press wheels. He mounted Yetter row cleaners in front of the disc openers to clear away trash when planting. He bought another IH 400 planter for parts and ground the rivets off the disc openers to remove them from the hubs, then re-riveted the bearings and housings together. He then welded one end of a 12-in. long, 5/8-in. dia. steel rod to the hub shaft and cut a short section of steel pipe to fit over the rod, welding the pipe to the press wheel support frame. He also inserted a set screw into the pipe so the rod holding each homemade furrow closer can be adjusted up or down for depth or turned to change the angle of the closer disc.
"I used them last year in untouched corn stalks and soybean stubble, on both wet and dry ground, and they worked great," says Moody. "I saved a lot of money because commercial furrow closers sell for $60 to $80 apiece. The disc runs 3/4 to 1 in. off to the side of the furrow at about 3/4 to 1 in. deep. It pushes the furrow closed for better seed-to-soil contact. I had been having problems getting enough down pressure on press wheels to close furrows properly. Furrow closers solve the problem and re-duce the need for extra down pressure on the press wheels. I had to make my own units because I couldn't find commercial furrow closers designed to fit Yetter row units. There was no place on the Yetter press wheel support frame to bolt the rod so I had to weld it on. We haven't had any problems with plugging."
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