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No-Freeze Water Pump, Waterer
Canadian farmer Bill Matheson faces the challenge every winter of keeping waterers, pumps and water lines from freezing. He came up with a freeze-proof setup that's simple yet works.
It consists of a water trough inside his barn that's fed by a water line that runs directly to a submersible pump in his well. There's a 1/8-in. dia. drain hole 5 ft. be-low ground in the line that runs down into the well casing. The line runs up to a sloped pipe that runs to the water trough. Water level inside the trough is controlled by an automatic float made from odds and ends, and a toilet bowl float.
The float mounts on a 16-in. long 1/4 in. dia. rod that mounts in a box above the water trough. There are two nuts on the rod spaced 6 in. apart with a pump switch located between them. The cattle have to drink at least 6 in. of surface water depth in the trough before the float lowers down enough to start the pump again. When the pump turns off, water drains out the 1/8-in. hole in the well and also down the sloped portion of the pipe into the trough so there's no water in the lines to freeze. A heater in the trough keeps the water from freezing. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Matheson, Box 118, Stonewall, MB R0C 2Z0 Canada.

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