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Tractor Loader Is Also A Dozer
"One machine does the work of two implements "a loader and a dozer," says Jeff Veys, inventor-manufacturer of a versatile new tractor loader called " The Super Scoop."
"It combines the functions of a 4-way loader-bucket and a 6-way dozer blade into a single 10-way implement," explains Veys.
Initially available for smaller tractors in the 20 hp range, the just-introduced new loader is slated to soon be available for large tractors up to and beyond 100 hp.
For small tractors, the bucket of the rigid-mount loader tilts 5 in. to either side, and either side of the bucket will skew (more forward or backward) up to 10 in. Also, the lift arms extend in and out to provide 15 in. more lift height than comparable size conventional loaders, says Veys.
"A smaller tractor equipped with our new Super Scoop can go into sheds and other tight quarters to clean out areas bigger equipment can't get to, and come out and load into 5 yard trucks like the bigger loaders," he points out. "With the tilt feature, the bucket can be angled by hydraulics to create a pointed corner that works like a chisel to break up rock-hard manure, dirt, gravel or other material that conventional loader buckets can't bite into. And, with the skewing feature, the bucket becomes an adjust-able dozer blade which can be angled to bulldoze right, left or straight ahead."
Five levers control the action one for tilting the bucket, two for skewing it, one for tipping it, and one for up and down movement of the loader arms.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Action Landwork, 123 Talkeetna Heights Road, Longview, Wa. 98632 (ph 206 577-7701).

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