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Rotating House Turns To Follow Sun
You've never seen anything like this oneof-a-kind house from New Zealand that rotates a full 360 degrees, letting you keep full sun in any room of the house.
It was built by Barry Burling of Eketahuna, who got the idea from his experience working with rotary milking parlors, which were developed in New Zealand. He figured that if a revolving floor could carry 40 hefty cows along with milking equipment and stations, he ought to be able to build a platform that would support a house.
Three years later, after working with an architect and spending countless hours planning, he ended up with a 3-story octagonal house made out of 3-in. thick insulated panels commonly used on refrigeration units. Burling says he chose the unusual building material because timber framing was heavier and more costly and the panels eliminated the need for additional spending on insulation.
Burling says the rotating power unit is not complex or power hungry. A low speed electric motor drives a hydraulic system, taking the wnole rouse tnrougn a complete turn every 4 min. in either direction.
"It lets us take advantage of the beautiful lake scenery around us no matter what room we're in. We can take a tour of the country-side from the comfort of a living room chair," says Burling.
The revolving house has become routine for the Burling family but other guests say they get dizzy when they come to visit. The house has a central circular stairway that encircles an elevator that runs from the bottom of house to the top. All utilities run up this central, stationary part of the house.
The Burlings have grown used to the sight of people gaping and laughing at the house from the roadside. They just wave and often invite them in for a spin.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Barry Burling, 50 Newman Road, Eketahuna, New Zealand (ph 6505 375-8029).

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