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First Of Its Kind Bale Wrap Machine
New from Joe Lawless, Jacksonville, Ill., is a new bale wrap machine that lets one person automatically wrap a bale with plastic in 90 sec.
Lawless, who invented the original round bale protective sleeve, and has sold thousands of them all over the U.S. and Canada, recently received a patent for "The Wrapper". He says there's no other machine like it on the market even though some manufacturers have put plastic wrap attachments on their balers.
"Plastic wrap attachments on balers are just one more thing that can go wrong when you're trying to get hay in. If something happens to the bale wrap mechanism on a baler, you'll lose time fixing it or you might get hay baled but never get the bales wrapped. With this new machine, you can go in anytime after baling and wrap the bales at your own convenience," Lawless told FARM SHOW.
Lawless's prototype machine consists of flat carrying discs about the diameter of the average round bale. The discs are equipped with metal spikes that grab the bale when the discs, mounted on hydraulic arms, pick the bale up by its ends. Each disc is equipped with an orbit motor that spins it, and thus the bale, as it is wrapped.
The plastic is carried on a roll above the bale. The entire wrapping process can be carried out from the tractor seat. A small metal arm on one disc pins a loose end of the plastic against the top of the bale and rotates with the bale as it turns, pulling plastic off roll. The bale is wrapped 11 times before the operator cuts the plastic with a rope-activated knife. In all, it takes about 90 sec. to wrap a bale.
Lawless notes that a twine tie could be added to the machine to hold the plastic in place if the bales are going to be moved around a lot. The wrap adjusts bales varying in size from 800 to 1,500 lbs.
The machine will be on the market sometime next year, Lawless hopes. He notes that there has also been some interest in developing the wrapper design into a new-concept baler.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Joe Lawless, Jr., Plastic Forage Savers, Rt. 2, Box 187, Jacksonville, Ill. 62650 (ph 217 673-4301).

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