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Combine Drill Fill
Australian farmer Fred Burdon saves time filling the hopper on his 60-ft. wide air seeder by using his Deere 7720 combine as a "drill fill".

Burdon, who farms 12,000 acres in Queensland, says his combine drill fill saves a lot of time. "It's more maneuverable than a truck drill fill auger because we can swing the unloading auger hydraulically to fill both the hoppers in the air drill without moving the combine. Makes it an easy one man operation. The combine also has better traction for work in wet or muddy ground."

Burdon had to restrict the out-flow of grain by about two thirds in order to use the combine to fill drills. To do that he partially covered one of the floor feed augers in the bottom of the grain tank. He also removed the rubber spout at the end of the unload auger and replaced it with three cloth seed bags sewn together to make a flexible funnel. To load a drill, the operator positions the air drill under the unload auger, puts the bottom bag of the spout funnel into one of the seed hoppers, and climbs up into the combine cab to run the auger. The 7720's big auger fills the 100-bu. hoppers in about 1 1/2 min.

Burdon says the combine could be used to fill smaller hoppers on drills and planters if output were restricted furthur.

Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Fred Bunion, "Avonlea", M.S. 889, Dalby 4405, Queensland, Australia

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